Impressive GORGES and valleys

Oasis of Fint

Near ouarzazate oasis of Fint extends between two spendide of Black Rock mountain in the Anti-Atlas.\u000a This verdissante Oasis account near a thousand human divided in 4 villages.

Oasis fint atlas ouarzazate morroco

Aït Ben Haddou

Aït ben haddou is a major attraction in Morocco, its typical construction earned him have been classified in 2004 at the UNESCO World Heritage

Kasbah AIT Ben Haddou construction ranked Adobe has unesco

Ouarzazate Film Studios

At the crossroads of Berber and Sahara cultures, this region has not ceased to be a magnet for dozens of years for outdoor film-shoots in warm climates. The re-enactment of fiction is enhanced within these landscapes and so, has seduced many generations of producer / directors from Orson Welles to Pasolini, David Lean, Michael Douglas, Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott among many others.